Call me by your name. What a wonderful and simple idea. 

We all read many positive reviews. And we all liked this wonderful love story. Think about that: we have all the necessary elements to build a success story: love in first place, secret kisses, wonderful landscapes, a safe environment, nice atmospheres, and so on until the explosion of emotions which are common to each human being. 

But what makes the movie really worth watching?   

There are many factors, as we already mentioned, which can give us a positive experience. In addition to the elements we listed, we can add the music that plays an important part in shaping spectators’ emotions. 

As well as it is in a Greek tragedy, all these elements combined arouse our emotions with the goal of individual catharsis. 

However, the bittersweet sensation a spectator experiences at the end of the movie is an indication that the final goal might not be the catharsis of emotions. Conversely, the pain of the main character in the last scene is the real gift of the movie. 

Imagine yourself in biting a sandwich: you can enjoy every single bite. The salt of the bread, the sweet taste of the salad and the freshness of the pepper can give you a balanced emotion of pleasure. However, it is the final bite which gives you the idea of ‘wanting another right one’ or a moment of satisfaction that makes you stop eating. 

There is no catharsis if you want another bite. There is no satisfaction if you feel full. 

Where is the movie set? 

Italy. Somewhere in Italy. In a very unknown (to the most) place in Italy. However, while watching the movie we sympathize with the locations. And we want more. The villa and its secret rooms. The river and its fresh water. The little streets and squares of the village. The mountain and the waterfall.  

There are so many things you would like to see again or discover from scratch. However, the movie kills your appetite when the final scene doesn’t show anything else than a man’s eyes.  

You may say that in men’s eyes there are all the places of the world. And that is true. However, you want more because your curiosity is digging into your emotions, isn’t’ it? This curiosity is triggering new stirring in your minds. 

Looking for a desire. 

The love story now became marginal. A peach has a sexual taste. The music makes you wish to dance. A landscape opens your horizons. The words they read on the sofa make you feel like reading the same book. Do you still think that we are talking about an ordinary secret love story? There is something else running in the background and you get to know it a bit better scene after scene, dialogue after dialogue.  

It is your desire to get to know things which arouses from the movie.  

And Italy might be the perfect background for this incubator. Or at least one of those. 


With the contribution of Ramsey Movugles for on Call Me by Your Name. The movie at Rotten Tomatoes.

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