Lost between syntax and mind’s chaos. ildio brings up the voice of your most hidden thoughts which live in your memory. Love, anger, loneliness, and fake hopes. Confusion is the glue which keeps everything together. 

In ildio eyes, there is one objective only. Renegotiate everything: “Nothing exists, nothing ever existed.” 

And to whom that believes to be hung to the truth, ildio wants to open their eyes: “Everything finishes in a moment. Everything falls. Gravity drags us to the bottom. And there, closed in our useless existences we found our ghosts, our pains. The true side of life is not the one we publicly show. It is the one we fake to forget. 

We are mistakes. We are walking mountains made by mistake. And we fake it so well that we end up believing it for real.” 

ildio lives and works everywhere. A homeless of life. The last one among the last ones. An agent of chaos in a world built on lies. 



The philosophical side of the chaos. An expression of constant pain. kvasir embodies the desire of organized chaos with a temporary illusion dressed with philosophical sauce. With a technical and humanistic background, kvasir represents the connection between utopia and chaos. 

“Words are the expression of our doubts,” kvasir said in a never-published interview. A failed academic. A desperate man. A mask of confusion and tears. Drawing a new world is the only thing that keeps kvasir alive. 

Until the order will rule this world, kvasir will try to destroy it. Breath after breath, word after word, kvasir’s life will finish as it started: in a long torment. 

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